Soulard Farmers Market in Saint Louis

Dates: Jan 01, 2022 through Dec 31, 2025

Soulard Farmers Market in Saint Louis. This historic market is open year-round, Wednesday-Saturday. During the growing season, Saturday is the pick day of the week for fresh produce when all of the vendors are present. See website for more info.

Soulard Farmers Market Hours:

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday | CLOSED
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday | 8am-5pm
Saturday | 7am-5:30pm

For More Information:

Soulard Farmers Market | 314-622-4180 | Website | Facebook

Soulard Farmers Market is one of the oldest public farmers' markets still in operation in the nation. Many farmers have been selling at the market for several generations. Local residents, as well as visitors, enjoy the wide variety of fresh vegetables, meats, fresh flowers, bakery goods, cheeses and spices that can be found during the peak growing seasons. Soulard Farmers Market is open year-round, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays, 8am-5pm; and Saturdays, 7am-5:30pm. Available produce will vary according to season.
Directions: Located in the Soulard Neighborhood, along S. Broadway, between Carroll Street and Lafayette Avenue, just south of I-44.


730 Carroll Street,
St. Louis, MO