Geo-Poker at Lone Elk Park

Date: Feb 24, 2019 | Time: 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Geo-Poker at Lone Elk Park. It's a combo of hiking, treasure hunting, geo-caching and poker in one fun event held in the great outdoors! Work with a team or go solo to hunt for hidden containers with tokens that are then turned in for poker cards to try and get the best hand. Bring a GPS unit or smartphone with GPS capabilities. Pre-registration is required by calling 314-615-8822; $8 per person. Meet at the Visitor's Center. See website for more information.

For More Information:

Lone Elk Park | 314-615-5000 | Website

Lone Elk Park 546 acres of parkland and is one of the many parks of the St. Louis County Park system and is located in West St. Louis County. It is a Wildlife Management Area and visitors will encounter bison, elk and deer, as well as wild turkey and many varieties of ducks and geese. Fishing lake, hiking trails and picnic sites provide a wonderful day of outside recreation with family and friends. But please take note, due to the wildlife, no motorcycles and NO DOMESTIC ANIMALS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE PARK, NOT EVEN IF THEY ARE CONFINED IN A VEHICLE!
Directions: Located west of Valley Park, Missouri, off of Interstate 44. Take Highway 141 (Exit #272) north of I-44 to the North Outer Road, go west on North Outer Road to Lone Elk Park entrance.


1 Lone Elk Park Rd,
Valley Park, MO