Pines Fest 2024 at The Big Top

Date: Aug 24, 2024 | Time: 3:00 pm

Pines Fest 2024 at The Big Top. Doors open at 3pm. Musical artists include: Henhouse Prowlers, Handmade Moments, Funky Butt Brass Band, Steve Ewing Band, Opal Agafia, Beth Bombara, Yard Eagle, and Jimmy Griffin. See website for more info and to purchase tickets.

For More Information:

Jamo at The Big Top | Website | Facebook

The Big Top is located in the Grand Center Arts District in St. Louis. It is a concert venue located in the Big Top Circus Tent. Concerts are presented by Jamo Presents.

Please check the website listed on each event to get the most up-to-date information.

Directions: Exit 1-40/64 at Grand Boulevard, and go north on Grand. Follow Grand to Washington Blvd. Turn left onto Washington Blvd. The Big Top is located between North Theresa Avenue and Josephine Baker Blvd. Grand can get very congested when multiple shows in the district occur at the same time. Please consider using alternate routes like Compton or Vandeventer.


3401 Washington Avenue,
St. Louis, MO

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